Year 3: Next week

Well done to all pupils of Year 3 for another great week of learning. We have enjoyed learning more about the Celts and found the virtual workshop this week very worthwhile. 
Reading books that were returned on Monday have been changed and sent home yesterday. Please remember to return these to school on Monday, if you are finished with them. Your homework this week is on our Google Classroom and follows on from the measuring that we have done in Maths this week.
Next week, we will be completing our explanation writing, explaining why the Celts built hillforts. 
We will also use Hwb to find out about religion in Celtic times. We will use clay to make torcs and thumb pots. We will also have a go at some weaving, as this was often how Celts would make their clothes and blankets. 
During our workshop this week, we heard about the work that archaeologists do. This gave us an idea! Next week, we will go on a hunt for any lost Celtic artefacts that might be in our school grounds. I wonder what we might find?!
Bronwen the Celt asked for our help to protect her roundhouse. We have already begun thinking about how we could make an alarm to protect it. We will design our alarms next week. 
In Maths, we will revise using the frog method to do subtractions. We will listen to the story of when Jesus calmed the stormy sea and think about how Jesus helps to calm our fears. Through worship next week, we will think about our hopes for the future and how to be positive. In Cymraeg, we will be having conversations in our Siop Dillad, pretending to be customers and shop keepers. 
Please remember to come dressed in your PE kits on Tuesday for more golf. 
We hope that you all have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Burgess, Miss Powell and Mr Kuiper.