Year 3: Next Friday’s Marble Jar Treat Details

Year 3 have achieved their goal of 50 marbles!

I am extremely proud of them to reach this milestone.

Their marble jar treat will take place next Friday (4th February) and pupils have asked their treat to be a pyjama party. Pupils are to come into school in their P.E kit as usual but after lunch pupils will then be able to change into their pyjamas if they wish. They will then have the option of watching a suitable film in class or playing games/ using the iPads in the VIP room. Pupils may go home in their pyjamas but due to the cold weather will need a warm coat/ jacket.

 They also may bring in one small cuddly toy with them if they wish.

If you have any questions about this, please contact school and I will be happy to help.


Mr Steele