Year 3: Maths Questions

Hi,  Some of the questions may be difficult to see on the photo I attached to the learning update earlier today. Here are the questions just in case you are unable to read them easily.

  1. 154 people see the film ‘Frozen 2’ in the afternoon and 227 see it in the evening. How many is this in total?
  2. 345 adults and 404 children see ‘Frozen 2’ over the weekend. How many is this altogether?
  3. In one week at the cinema £563 was spent on popcorn and £514 on drinks. How much was this in total?
  4. A lorry driver drove his lorry for 326km on Monday and 457km on Tuesday. How far did he drive altogether?
  5. In a large car park there are 145 empty spaces and 472 spaces that are taken. How many cars could fit in the car park altogether?

Hope this helps
Mrs Burgess

St Marys CIW VA School

Ruabon, LL14 6LE