Year 3: Local Area TOPIC LAUNCH

Today we launched our new topic: Our Local Area!
We received a surprise letter from someone called Dewi (who we have yet to see!) who had visited a ‘lovely place’ and taken photos but didn’t know where this place was. To make matters worse Dewi had dropped the photos all over the school playground. Enter Y3! 
First we explored the playground, looking for the  photos. Then we came back into class and discussed where the place was (we think it’s Ruabon). Then we wrote a letter back to Dewi asking him to come to see us. We told him where the place was and said we would write a report for him to teach him all about the village of Ruabon. We hope this will be enough for him to come back and visit us!
Finally we completed a grid so Mr Steele knows what we ALREADY know about Ruabon and what we would like to find out.
I’m sure the children will have a great time doing work in this topic!!