Year 3: Library

Pupils really enjoyed their first library visit!
All pupils took a book out with their card with a special bag to put it in.
Pupils will need to return their book next Friday if they wish to take a new book out on their card. If pupils want to bring their book back sooner they can just put it in their tray in school in the meantime. Regardless of whether pupils do or do not bring their book back, we will still all be going back each Friday (1:15 – 2:15) where they can read the books inside the library.
Pupils have been reminded to look after their library card and book carefully.
If pupils would like a specific book which the library doesn’t have, pupils are able to request it at the help desk. The library will then contact the parent/ guardian when the book becomes available.
Thank you and happy reading!
Mr Steele and Miss Powell