Year 3: January 11th Home Learning Update

Bore da Blwyddyn 3! Image.jpeg
We hope that you have had a nice weekend. Well done for your efforts with our remote learning last week. It has been great to see your work and we are very proud of you!  This week, there will be activities added to our Google Classroom each day, just as last week. 
Here is a brief overview of the types of things we will cover this week:
In Maths, we will do some more counting back in 10s and 1s in order to subtract 2-digit numbers from other 2-digit numbers. We will also be adding 2-digit numbers using two different methods. 
For our new topic ‘Our local area in Wales,’ we will be thinking about what we already know about Ruabon, finding more facts and identifying buildings from the local area. Image.jpeg
For phonics, we will focus on the ‘oy’ sound. We will list words and use them to make sentences. You can also check ‘Reading Resources’ on our Google Classroom, where there are reading materials at varying levels for you to dip into. 
We will be using Flipgrid to create videos, giving advice about how to look after our teeth. We will also recap giving personal information in Welsh. We will remember to find time for some relaxation with a mindfulness exercise.
As always, please do message via private comments on Google Classroom if you need any help with any of the activities. We look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work this week! Image.jpeg
Mrs. Burgess, Miss Powell and Mr K