Year 3: Important assembly, library info


Firstly thanks to everybody who has already thought of a joke ready for our assembly!

Full details are on Google Classroom, but if you could also either bring in a photo of you doing a chore (vacuuming, mopping, washing car, etc) or upload one to Google Classroom that would be great. Ideally if this can be done by Wednesday/ Thursday, as part of the assembly will be to give the other children ideas of how they can raise money for Children in Need.

Tomorrow I will be handing out pupils’ lines for them to learn. As the assembly is a week on Friday (17th March) they have until then to learn them, but the sooner they can do this the better.

Very exciting news – From next Monday onwards (13th) pupils will be doing weekly visits to Ruabon Library!

It’ll go nicely with the work we’re doing in class as we can look for books that link with our topics. Also, pupils are free to take out books on their own card and return/ get new ones the following week.

The library need details from you (name, address, etc) for your child to join the library and get a card. If they do not have their own card please fill in the membership form I have sent home and return to school by Wednesday. If your child does have their own card they need to bring it with them from next Monday. If they do have a card but they are unsure where it is please fill in the form I have sent home/ return to school and I am sure the library will be able to issue a replacement card.

As we are still doing P.E, pupils are to come in their kit as normal. If you could please make sure your child has their school jumper on over their white P.E t-shirt, particularly as it will help me instantly identify them en route to/ from the library.

See you tomorrow! (Only three more days until our marble jar party!)

Mr Steele