Year 3: Home learning update 8/6

Bore da! Sut wyt ti?
We hope that you have had a lovely weekend and are all staying safe and happy at home. Thank you for the work submitted last week. Here are some new activities to start the week.
Maths activity – this week, we will be looking at Pictograms. I have set an activity on Google Classroom called ‘Pictogram 1.’ All of the instructions are there. 
If not using google classroom, please look at the pictogram below and use it to answer the 8 questions on paper.

What are the 4 ways of getting to school that the pupils could choose from?

How many children go to school by car? (Be careful! Each full circle is worth 2 children, so a half circle is worth 1).

How many get to school by bus?

How many get to school by walking?

How many go to school on their bike?

Which is the most popular way of getting to school?

Which is the least popular way of getting to school?

How many more children walk to school than go by car? (Tip – try number that walk take away number that go by car!)

Literacy/Topic activity

If using Google Classroom – Please look for the task ‘Butterfly Lion, Chapter 5.’ There is a video for you to watch. Next, you will need to complete the activity which is about thinking of reasons for and against.JTN90IwB7IGn_5gB09kjPkShFATzLzAEKZwE1iJp

If not using Google Classroom – In Chapter 5, Bertie has a difficult choice to make. There is a chance that his lion cub will have to join a circus. The other option is for Bertie to set him back out into the wild.
Copy and complete the following tables.

Circus – reasons for NKkPul0aghgVoT08nMg_zvjaIcOkkIYsetUhy0-g

Circus – reasons against kEH6_Jaf30pf_8yER2I3ulrfHQLXXPDz5dv-M-fU

Free in the wild – reasons for NKkPul0aghgVoT08nMg_zvjaIcOkkIYsetUhy0-g

Free in the wild – reasons against kEH6_Jaf30pf_8yER2I3ulrfHQLXXPDz5dv-M-fU

Then, think about what you would choose if it was your lion cub. Remember to explain why you would make that choice. 
Science activity – I have allocated an activity on purple mash called ‘Sources of light.’ There is a short video to explain how some things are sources of light (give out light) and others only reflect light. After watching this, you need to fill in the worksheet on purple mash with pictures and labels. 
If you are unable to access this, try to think of some sources of light (eg the Sun). Write down, or draw and label, as many as you can think of. 
Art activity -there are a few ideas here. I don’t expect you to do them all! These activities are for the whole of this week, or you might even want to save them for another time. 
To link with our work on light, you could try this fun activity that uses sunlight and drawing around shadows to create drawings. 
You don’t have to use animals, you could use any toys or objects that you have at home.
If the weather is too dull or cloudy, perhaps you could try making a lovely sunrise or sunset picture. 
Maybe you could have some fun making shadow puppets! There are some videos on you tube that show you some fun ones to try. 
Please message in the usual way if you need any help.
We look forward to seeing your work!
Mrs Burgess and Miss Powell