Year 3: Home Learning Update 6/5/20

Bore da Blwyddyn 3!  I have had a peek at some of your stories and they are looking good! I have not commented too much on them yet, as your first task is to assess it yourself and have a friend assess it too. Your ‘friend’ can be a parent, brother or sister perhaps. 1.  I have attached a grid on Google Classroom with instructions of how to show pink and green. There is a picture below for those of you unable to use Google Classroom.  Really think about which parts you have done well and which you could improve. Then, go back to your story. Use a green font (or a green pencil/pen if on paper) to show bits you could add in. For example, if you forgot to include a verb comma person sentence in your story, add one now in a green colour. 
2. A music activity – you listened to ‘When you wish upon a star’ from Pinocchio. You thought about how this music was suitable for the story. I would like you to write a song/compose some music for your fairy tale story. You could write song lyrics on paper. If you prefer, you might choose to have no words and just compose a tune using instruments/objects you have at home – be as creative as you like! Another option is to use 2sequence on purple mash – I will set this as a to do just in case you want to use it.  3. A Maths challenge! I have set a maths challenge for you to try on Google Classroom. I have also attached a photo below in case you want to do this on paper. I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend! If you are celebrating VE Day on Friday, have fun!  Mrs BurgessImage.jpeg Image.jpeg