Year 3: Home learning update 18/5

Bore da Year 3! We do hope that you have had a lovely weekend. Thank you for your work and messages last week – it is always lovely to see and great that some of you have started to upload photos of your work done on paper. Here are some new activities.
1) Maths – This week, we will be ordering 3-digit numbers. Please complete the questions in the photo below. You can do these on paper. If you would like to take a picture of your work and upload it to google classroom for me to check, please do so in ‘Ordering 3-digit numbers’ in Maths. I put a video on Google Classroom last week to show you how to upload a picture. You will find it in Classwork under the heading ‘Google Classroom Tips.’
 I have also allocated a fun game on Active Learn called ‘Hedgehog Hurry.’ Image.jpeg

2 – if using Google Classroom – I have put a video on google classroom of a reading of the first chapter of ‘The Butterfly Lion.’ If you can access this, please watch it and try your best to read along. I have put an activity on google classroom also. There are some questions about the chapter for you to answer.  2 – if not using Google Classroom – In the chapter, we hear about a 10 year old boy. He goes to a boarding school, but is unhappy there. In this chapter, he decides to run away from boarding school and run back home. Find out what a boarding school is. Write a few sentences telling me whether or not you would like to go to a boarding school. Why/why not? How would a boarding school be different to our school? 
3. Last week, you found out about a variety of animals you might find on an African Safari. This week, I would like you to choose one. You might choose and elephant, a rhino, a lion… I would like you to draw the animal on a plain piece of paper (you may have some left in your folder). Around the edge of the paper, I would like you to put an African pattern border- think back to the lovely patterns that you did on purple mash last week for ideas! Here are some pictures for inspiration! Again, it would be lovely to see these – you can always send a picture of your finished work to me, either on google classroom under ‘Animal Art’ or purple mash email. I can’t wait to see your creations! This might be the kind of activity you could do outdoors – we are hopefully due some lovely, sunny weather this week. Make the most of it! Image.jpeg
This week we were due to have Values Day and we were going to be focusing on the Christian value of Honesty. Last year, we created this as a whole class. Image.jpeg

OPTIONAL ACTIVITY – You might like to take the quote “Plant honesty and trust will grow” and use it to create your own piece of art. You might want to do this with brothers, sisters or other members of your family. 
Stay safe and happy everyone!
Mrs Burgess and Miss Powell