Year 3: Home Learning Update 17/6

Bore da pawb!
Thank you for continuing to send work on Purple Mash and Google Classroom. Well done to those of you completing work on paper too.
 Keep it up and keep trying your best!
Here are some activities for the rest of this week. Remember to ask me for help if you need it, using email on Purple Mash or private comments on Google Classroom.
Science – To find out more about light and shadows. Have a look at this lesson from BBC Bitesize. I have put this on Google Classroom – the link is there, plus an activity for you to complete. 
Home learning focus. Learn about light and dark. This lesson includes: two videos to help children to recognise that they need light in order to see things and that dark is the absence of light.
The lesson includes some fun videos, a game to test your knowledge and also a final video to help get you active! 
If you are unable to access the link, either here or on Google Classroom, please take a look at the activity in the pdf ‘Light’ attached. 
Maths – Finding Perimeter. I have put a video on Google Classroom to explain the method. The activity is also there for you to complete. If not using Google Classroom, please look at the pdf ‘Finding Perimeter’ attached. This can then be completed on paper.
Literacy – as we have already had two chapters from ‘The Butterfly Lion’ this week, I have a different activity for you! I would like you to think about anything that you have read over the past weeks at home. Maybe you have read a book/some books, maybe some magazines… I’d love to hear about what you have been reading! Make a list and write a little comment next to each one, telling me whether or not you liked it and why. This can be completed on Google Classroom if you’d prefer, using the lesson ‘Read all about it!’
Mindfulness – colouring is a great Mindfulness activity. There are a few places online where you can find colouring pages to print or you may already have some colouring books at home. Finding somewhere calm to relax and colour can be a lovely activity. 
The Chester Zoo website has some colouring pages that are printable -some of these link nicely to our Africa topic too.
Stay safe and happy!
Mrs Burgess and Miss Powell