Year 3: Home learning update 10/6

Bore da! We hope you are all staying safe and happy at home. 
Many thanks for the work that you have completed so far this week. As ever, if you need any help with any of the work, please do not hesitate to message on google classroom or purple mash.
Here are some activities for the rest of this week.
Maths activity – we will continue with our work on Pictograms. For this task (which is on Google Classroom as ‘Pictograms 2’) you will need to draw your own pictograms. This will need to be done on paper (preferably squared – if you have any left!) You can upload a photo of your finished work to ‘Pictograms 2’ on Google Classroom. I have included a link to this work too if you are going to complete this without Google Classroom.


Literacy – Listen to Chapter 6 of ‘The Butterfly Lion’ on google classroom. In this chapter, a circus owner comes to see Bertie’s Lion. He says that the lion cub can be an act in the circus and that he will call him ‘The White Prince.’

Task – make a poster to persuade people to come to the circus to see ‘The White Prince.’ You can do this on Google Classroom, where you can use your ICT skills to insert pictures and change the size and type of font. If doing this, you will need to click ‘+add attachment’ and then ‘New Docs.’ This will give you a blank document on which to create your poster.

 Alternatively, you could do this on paper. Make sure you show the name of the circus ‘Le Cirque Merlot.’ Think about how to make your poster eye-catching so that it will attract visitors. You could also attach a photo of your work on paper to the task on Google Classroom if you wish.


Art/Craft – I posted lots of ideas on Monday. Have another look at them and see if there are any you haven’t tried yet. 

Here are some physical activity ideas for you to try at home:




Stay active, safe and happy Year 3!

Mrs Burgess and Miss Powell