Year 3: Home learning update 1/6

Bore da! 
We hope that you have had a lovely half term break and have enjoyed the lovely sunshine. We are now in our final half term! It is a shame that we are not back at school together yet, but please remember that you can keep in touch through purple mash or our google classroom. We miss you and enjoy hearing from you! Just as before half term, there will be home learning updates each Monday and Wednesday. Please do what you can and message us if you are unsure of how to do any of the activities.
Here are some activities for the first part of this week:

1. Please complete the doubling and halving questions in the photo below. I have split the questions into 3 sections and they get progressively more difficult. Please do not feel that you have to complete all questions, especially if they get too tricky. Just do what you can!
 I have put a video on google classroom under ‘Doubling and halving’ which might help. You can also upload a photo of your work to the same place if you wish. This allows me to check your work for you and leave a comment.
2. If using Google Classroom – There is a video of chapter 3 of ‘The Butterfly Lion’ on our Google Classroom. Please watch it and complete the attached descriptive writing activity. 
If not using Google Classroom – pick a place that you have been to. It might be somewhere you have been on holiday, it might be somewhere you have been to for a walk, it could even be your own garden. I would like you to describe the place to me. Write sentences to describe it. Adjectives will be useful here and don’t forget the exciting sentences like simile and list to really enhance your writing e.g. “The sand was as pure and white as snow” – simile. “There was lots of long, lush, green grass” – list. 
3. If using Google classroom – You will have heard a description of Timbavati in this chapter. After watching the video and reading along,  I would like you to sit somewhere quiet and close your eyes. Imagine that you are in Timbavati. Think about what you would see, hear, smell and feel. When you open your eyes, I would like you to draw a picture of what you imagine Timbavati to look like. Please do upload your pictures to our google classroom if you can! 
If you are not using google classroom – I would like you to do the same activity, but instead of Timbavati, imagine that you are back at that place again that you described for activity 2. Draw a picture of it. 
I’m sure that you are all keeping active as much as you can, especially with the lovely weather we have been having. Don’t forget that you could do any of the Go Noodle videos that we do in class at home too – I know how much you liked the ‘Trolls’ one! There’s also the ‘Les Mills Avengers workout’ that Year 5 shared with us too. You can easily find them just by typing them into Google! While our topic is still Africa, you could even repeat the African dance tutorial I shared before half term, or find other fun ones of your own. 
Another fun idea is to try ‘Just Dance 2018 – ‘Waka Waka Africa.’ You can find this by typing it in to You Tube. This has a nice link to our topic.
I will update with more activities on Wednesday. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to message through Google Classroom or Purple Mash email. 
Stay safe and happy everyone! 
Mrs Burgess and Miss Powell