Year 3: Home learning 6/1/21

Happy New Year! Image.jpeg
 We hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas. 
There will be home learning activities on our Google Classroom. I will upload activities each day, so please try to login each day to complete them.  
This week, we will be listening to the story of Noah and writing sentences about our hopes. 
We will be thinking about ways to look after our teeth and creating a poster or presentation to give advice to younger children.
In Maths, we will be learning to double 2-digit numbers and will also begin to look at counting back in 10s and 1s.
Today, you have two tasks to complete. I have attached copies here for you too, but if you can access Google Classroom that would be great, as there will sometimes be videos or other materials to help with your tasks.
If you need any help with your tasks, please remember that you can message using Google Classroom. 
Mrs Burgess, Miss Powell and Mr K

pdf icon Bonds-to-10-and-doubles.pdf
pdf icon Where-is-Ruabon_.pdf
pdf icon Counting-back-in-10s-and-1s.pdf
pdf icon Messages-of-hope.pdf
pdf icon Doubling-2-digit-numbers.pdf