Year 3: Home activities Monday 23rd – Wednesday 25th

Hello Year 3! You had your home learning packs on Friday. I will put a message on the website for you each Monday and Wednesday to give you suggestions as to which activities you could have a go at.  Try to have a look at the following over the next couple of days. Literacy – Read the ‘Dragonory’ story. (Activity 1). Complete activity 2 – writing a description and illustrate. Numeracy – Make a list of right angles that you can see around your home. You could make a right angle measure by folding a piece of paper and folding it again to make a 90 degree corner. Physical activity – have a go of Go Noodle online. Art – activity 8 from the home activity sheet.  Also, please check active learn and purple mash if you can as I have allocated some activities there. Mrs Burgess