Year 3: A new term! Welcome back!

Welcome back! We hope that you have all had a lovely Easter and are looking forward to welcoming you all back to school tomorrow. Please remember to come to school dressed in school uniform, except for on Tuesday when you will need to be in clothes suitable for outdoor PE. 
As mentioned before Easter, we will be writing diary entries this week, imagining that we are Celts and imagining ourselves living in a Celtic Roundhouse. 
As well as writing diary entries, we will be creating databases. These will help us to store information about the Celtic artefacts that we had from Bronwen the Celt. We have already used books and the Internet to name and find information about each artefact. Our databases will help us to store this information. 
We will be tracing Celtic patterns and listening to music about invaders too. In Cymraeg, we will begin to learn about ‘Dillad’ (clothes) and in Science, we will be investigating simple circuits. This will involve us using our problem solving and team working skills, as we will be challenged to make a bulb light up, make a buzzer buzz and make a motor spin. We will also draw some simple circuit diagrams. 
In Maths, we will be moving on with place value and number bonds to 100, as well as adding 2-digit numbers using partitioning. 
We will add some new prayers to our class Prayer Tree, also taking time to pray for the Royal Family, in remembrance of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. 
We look forward to a new term of learning and growing together. 
See you all tomorrow.
Mrs Burgess, Miss Powell and Mr Kuiper