Year 3: 29/6/20 Home Learning Update

Bore da pawb! Sut wyt ti heddiw? I hope that you are all happy, well and have enjoyed your weekend. 
Maths – This week, we will have a look at weighing objects in grams and kilograms. There is an activity on Google Classroom called ‘Grams and Kilograms’ for you to try. I have also attached a pdf of this activity below, for those of you not using Google Classroom. 
Aside from completing this activity, this is a concept that you can learn in a more practical way too – perhaps if you have some weighing scales at home, you could try weighing different objects. Maybe you have done this already, perhaps when cooking or baking. Feel free to let us know about any ways that you have used this skill at home. You could do this using our Google Classroom stream, private comments on the ‘Grams and Kilograms’ task, or through Purple Mash. We love hearing about it!
Literacy – I have set a task called ‘A miracle! A miracle!’ on Google Classroom. Here you will find a video of the next chapter from ‘The Butterfly Lion’ and an activity. For this activity, you will need to pretend to be a journalist from a national newspaper. Think of 3 questions that you would like to ask Mr Bertie Andrews VC. Then, pretend that you are Bertie himself and answer them! You will need these later this week, when we will be writing a newspaper report. 
If you are unable to access Google Classroom, please watch the video on the following link:
The short video shows the achievements of 4 different children during lockdown. Choose one of the 4 children and write some questions that you would like to ask them. 
Why not take a lot at ‘Cosmic Kids Yoga.’ You can access these with the help of a grown up, quite easily on You Tube. There are so many videos to choose from and they are a lovely way to exercise or relax, especially during times that we cannot get outdoors!
Keep smiling Blwyddyn 3!
Mrs Burgess and Miss Powell