Year 3: 24/6/20 Home Learning Update

Bore da! 
Thank you for the work that you have shared so far this week. You are trying so hard and doing an amazing job. Don’t worry if there are some tasks that you haven’t done yet – try to do a little bit at a time and try your best. Some activities are better done in order, especially ‘The Butterfly Lion’ activities. Keep trying hard and remember to send a message if you need any help. Here are some activities for the rest of the week.

Literacy – If using Google Classroom, please look for ‘The Butterfly Lion Chapter 10’ in Classwork. There you will find a video of the chapter and some questions I would like you to read and answer.
If not using Google Classroom, see if you can find out some facts about World War One and write them down on paper. Bertie, a character from the book, is a soldier in World War One. 

Maths  – following on from our fraction work on Monday, we will move on to comparing fractions. The activity, plus a video to explain the methods are on our Google Classroom and are called ‘Comparing Fractions.’ I have attached a link for those of you not using Google Classroom, so that you can complete the questions on paper. 
Science – Again, this will follow on from the work I set on Monday, so try to make sure you do these activities in order! 
Use the link to watch the second video with Professor Brian Cox. Then, your activity is to answer questions about the investigation. This is on Google Classroom as ‘Shadow Investigation 2’ or you can access the questions using the pdf attached. 
If you go out for a walk with your family, maybe you would like to try this scavenger hunt. Remember to be safe at all times. 
Keep smiling and stay safe!
Mrs Burgess and Miss Powell