Year 3: 15/7/20 Home Learning Update

Bore da! 
We have almost reached the end of term! It has been a new experience for us all to be working and learning in the way that we have these past months. I am so proud of the work I have seen and how you have adapted to a different way of learning. Ardderchog! Here are some activities for the rest of the week. Remember, just try your very best!
Maths – earlier this week, we tried solving some addition problems. Now, we are going to move on to solving subtraction problems. We can use the “Frog” method that we used a few weeks back to help us. The activity is on Google Classroom as ‘Subtraction Problems’ or, I have attached it here as a pdf. 
Literacy – If you are able to use Google Classroom, please look for the task called ‘Adonis Blues.’ Here you will find a video of the final chapter of ‘The Butterfly Lion.’ Your task is to write a Book Review. We have done this before in class, when we finished reading ‘The Twits’ but please check the ‘llwyddo’ for my suggestions of what to include.
If you are not able to use Google Classroom, I have attached a pdf of the Book Review activity. You could use this as a template to write a review of a different book or story that you have read.
Art/Craft – In ‘The Butterfly Lion’ there are butterflies called Adonis Blues. Here is a picture of one.
I would like you to create a piece of art based on an adonis blue. Be as creative as you want to be! You could paint or draw a picture, create a collage or even a model butterfly. The choice is yours! You can share a photo of your creation on Google Classroom if you are able to, in the same task as your book review.
As always, please send a message on Purple Mash email or Google Classroom if you need any help.
Keep smiling!
We will also take this opportunity to say a big DA IAWN to you all and send my wishes to you all for a very happy Summer holiday. We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you all this year – diolch! 
Mrs Burgess and Miss Powell