Year 3: 13/2 What a FANTASTIC Music Session

Since maths this morning pupils did work on their new phonics sound for this week: ‘wh’ (as in why? what? when?) Pupils did a range of activities. One group played the frog game which they loved, practising reading the words with that sound in.
After break Cana from the Music Cooperative game in to do a session with pupils. It was FANTASTIC!! We learned about pulse and rhythm, syncopation (doing actions but not at the same time) and even rap. Pupils loved the fun games including ‘Don’t Clap the Rhythm’ and ‘Yo, My Name’s Jo’.
I’ll put some videos on Google Classroom (assuming the technology works as it should!) from the music session so you can see some of the things the pupils did.
We also had a great P.E did to end the day.
Pupils were doing different gym moves including the pike, straight, straddle and star.
What a lovely day!
See you on tomorrow 🙂 

Mr Steele