Year 3: 1/7/20 Home Learning Update

Bore da!
I would like to start by saying a big DIOLCH for the work that you have been sending through so far this week. Remember to take your time with the activities and also, try to work through them in order if you can, as some activities build on previous ones.
Maths – We will continue to look at grams and kilograms. There is an activity on Google Classroom called, ‘Converting Weights.’ I have also attached a pdf of this for those of you not using Google Classroom. 
Literacy – If using Google Classroom, please look for the task called ‘A miracle! A miracle! Part 2’  In this chapter, something fantastic happens (no spoilers!) and the story is written about in the newspapers. I have set a to do on Purple Mash, which is a template of a Newspaper report. Please use this to create a newspaper report about the events of the chapter. I have added more instructions and a list of things to include over on Google Classroom. Please remember to use Bertie’s answers that you prepared earlier this week in your newspaper report too. Once completed on purple mash, feel free to click ‘Hand in’ or ‘Mark as done’ on google classroom so that the task disappears from your to do list. 
If you are not using Google Classroom – Please use either Purple Mash or paper to create a newspaper report. It can be a report about anything that has happened – perhaps the recent launch of the SpaceX rocket? You could have a look at CBBC Newsround for some story ideas.
Try to include the name of your newspaper, a large headline, the date and a picture. 
Get creative! I have shared several ideas for art/craft activities in past weeks and have enjoyed seeing your creations. I have recently found something called ‘Art for Kids Hub.’ There are many videos there that give tutorials of how to draw all kinds of things! You can choose any that interest you – just have a go! 
If you are unable to access these videos, perhaps you can pick up some paper and a pencil and sketch something in or around your home. Maybe you have a picture of something that you can trace if you still have tracing paper in your folder? Feel free to share any of your art work in our google classroom stream too!

Please let me know if you have any questions about your work, using Purple Mash email or our Google Classroom.

Stay happy Blwyddyn 3!
Mrs Burgess and Miss Powell