Year 2: Work for week beginning 26th April

Hello Year 2. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful work that you completed last week.  It has been lovely communicating with some of you on Google Classroom and I loved seeing some of you on Flipgrid.

For those of you who haven’t been able to access online activities please don’t panic, I know that you are working just as hard and I’m looking forward to seeing your work when we are back in school J

Your tasks this week:

Literacy- last week you wrote a whole selection of adjectives to describe the different characters. I would like you to use these to write a detailed description of at least one of the characters from the story of Cinderella. Don’t forget to try to use commas to separate any adjectives that you use in a list sentence e.g. The pumpkin was large, orange and solid. I wold rather you spent the time writing about one or two characters in detail rather than a few quick sentences about each character. This activity is certainly about quality over quantity.

This can be written in your busy book or completed on Google Classroom. The choice is yours. If you want to hand write it and then upload a photograph of it to Google Classroom for me to see then that is also great.

I would also like you to continue to practice telling the story of Cinderella using your story maps. This week try to add actions to the story.


Science– make a list of all of the properties of glass. Remember a property is something that we can see, feel or measure, it is not your opinion e.g. glass is pretty (activity also available on Google Classroom).

Use this list to explain why glass isn’t the best material to use for shoes.


Maths- Telling the time in 5 minute intervals. Have a look at the activity on Google Classroom or the attachments on this post.


Phonics: Secret messages. Have a look at the attached activity. Have a go at writing your own secret messages in the same way.

Handwriting- have a go at step 3 in your booklet. Remember that you have space to try it more than once.


There are some wonderful lessons on the BBC bitesize website that link in brilliantly with your tasks this week. In particular:

Wednesday: English- Using the words ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘or’, ‘because’ and ‘if’

Science- different types of materials

Thursday: English- Creating sentences with description

Every day: Maths- money (this should be a good recap)

Just go to for all of this and more

Anyone wanting to access Google Classroom that hasn’t yet have a look at the information sheet uploaded last week and look out for the text message coming today that will contain the class code that you will need to join. 

Have a wonderful start to the week. I will update you again on Wednesday.

Mrs Williams 🙂 

pdf icon 5-minute-intervals-home-learning.pdf
doc icon Telling-time-5mins.docx