Year 2: Work for 29/4- 1/5

Hello again Year 2. I have been enjoying seeing all of your work on Google Classroom and Purple Mash. A big well done to those of you that I haven’t spoken to as I know that you are all working equally as hard whether it is on or offline. I am super proud of you Year 2 so keep it up. 
Your work for the end of this week is:

Literacy– choose another one or two characters from Cinderella and write a detailed description of them. You could describe what they look like and what they are like as a person. Don’t forget to use your exciting sentences from the PowerPoint on Monday. I have seen some fantastic list sentences this week. Try to challenge yourself to include a simile or a 2A sentence. Remember that it is important to try to write more than just one or two sentences, the more detail you can put in here, the easier you will find your final task in a couple of weeks. 

Handwriting– carry on practising step 3. You can also go back and practise steps one and two if you want to. Try to use the joins that you have learned when you are doing your work.

Phonics– keep writing your secret messages. Try to focus on words that contain the sounds sh, ch, ng, nk, ar, or, ay. We will be recapping more sounds next week.

Science– Glass wasn’t a very good material to use for Cinderella’s slipper. Design a new slipper for her using a different material or a selection of materials. Label the different parts on it and include the materials that you would use. I would like you to draw this and add the labels by hand but I will create an assignment in Google Classroom so that you can take a photograph of your work and send it to me if you wish.

Maths– HTU addition revision. Copy and complete the additions OR complete the quiz on Google Classroom. The questions are the same for both. If your children are struggling to add hundreds, tens and units then please feel free to adapt the task and write some tens and units additions instead e.g. 60 + 4= 64

Please remember that it is the children’s own work that I want to see, I know that it is really tempting sometimes to do it for them or correct their answers so that they look right but it is important for me to see what the children are able to do. Having said that I really do appreciate all of the adult support and time that is being invested in the children. I know that it is not easy to try and teach them at home as well as continuing to work yourself or look after siblings and keep the house and routine running. You are all doing a wonderful job and I know that the children will all be benefiting from your hard work and help. 
Thank you so much, Mrs Williams