Year 2: Welcome back

Welcome back Year 2! I hope that you have all had a lovely half term holiday and have managed to get out and enjoy the glorious sunshine that we have had!

Your work for the start of this week is continuing our Cinderella theme from before half term.

It may have been a while since you have looked at the story so your first task is to remind yourself of the story using your story map and the resources on Google Classroom.

Once you are familiar with the story again I would like you to try retelling it in your own words. There are two choices for this task. You can either tell it as it is or you can make some changes to the story, for example change the Ugly Stepsisters for Ugly Step brothers or perhaps change the pumpkin to a melon. It is entirely your choice.

Before you write the story you need to plan it using the story plan attached to this post or edit the one available on Google Classroom. I would suggest taking your time and writing your story in at least three sections with a break between (even doing a bit each day until you finish is fine!). Remember to use all of the setting and character descriptions from the previous weeks in your story.

Fractions– have a look at the PowerPoint to remember how to find fractions of shapes then have a go at the games. Finally try to complete the worksheet. Again don’t try to do this all in one day, split it up over a couple of days.

As an extra look for objects in your house and see if you are able to split them into fractions, for example can you cut your sandwich into quarters? Can you split a piece of paper in half? What fraction of pizza are you going to eat?

DT- Design your Royal Wedding outfit! Cinderella and the prince had a fairy tale wedding after they met at the Royal Ball.

Now your fairy godmother has transformed your clothes for the Royal Wedding! Will you go as a prince or a princess? Draw your dream outfit. Label it to show what materials are used. If you’re feeling really creative you could collage your outfit from bits of material! Don’t forget to include accessories and shoes!

There are quite a lot of long activities to complete here so don’t panic if you don’t manage to get it all done by Wednesday, I will be setting shorter activities for the end of the week to give you chance to get through these. 

Have a lovely few days and I will update again on Wednesday. Don’t forget that you can let your classmates know what you’ve been up to over half term by leaving a message for them all to see on Google Classroom.
Mrs Williams