Year 2: Weekly Update

This week we have had lots of fun wrapping up The Great Fire of London and exploring Easter. In maths, we have looked at odd and even numbers and the children really took it well. We recreated a scene from The Great Fire of London where we had to work together to pass the bucket of water down the line to pour over the fire. We have also looked back at our initial questions from Week 1 and tried to answer them using our new knowledge.
In RE, we have looked at the Easter story and created our own flap book. During art we made our own Easter cards and we chose whether we wanted to use sponge paint, finger paint or pastels to get our chosen design. The finished results were beautiful!
We finished off our week with an Easter egg hunt and making yummy rice crispy cakes!
The children have worked brilliantly this term (as always). We hope you have a lovely Easter break and look forward to seeing you all back next term.

Mrs Thomas, Mrs Williams and Mrs Probin