Year 2: Weekly Overview and MUDDY MONDAY INFO

This week the children have worked exceptionally hard once again! During Muddy Monday we identified plants and minibeasts that we find in our local area. We have been busy revisiting some phonic sounds and we have practised them a lot this week. In maths, we have been adding coins together to work out a total amount. We also appraised a piece of music called ‘The Ugly Bug Ball’. 
Next week we will continue with money and we will be looking at introducing pounds to our additions. We will be looking at the artist Henri Matisse and creating our own work inspired by him. During science, we will be investigating the life cycle of a butterfly. You will also get the chance to visit your new class and teacher in the juniors! 
Please Note​ 
There will be NO MUDDY MONDAY on Monday due to sports day. Please remember to come dressed in your PE kit ready for our races! If it is warm weather please remember your hats and water bottles. 

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Thomas, Mrs Williams, Mrs McCaffrey and Mrs Probin.