Year 2: Weekly Overview

Pnawn da pawb!

We hope that you have had a lovely weekend in the glorious spring sunshine. We will be starting our Fresh Air Friday sessions again this week so let’s hope that the lovely weather continues for us! If it continues to be as sunny as it has been you may want to consider bringing hat with you as well as your wellies.

This week is our final week before we break up for Easter so we have lots of lovely Easter treats planned, starting off with some Easter craft.

This week we will be continuing to think about materials and their properties and using what we have learned to help us to design a new slipper for Cinderella. You will also be making you own forts in forest school and using your knowledge of materials to help you to choose what to use.

In maths we will be looking at ordinal numbers and in grammar we will be learning how to use exclamation marks correctly.

We will end the week by retelling the Easter story and considering the important lessons and messages within it. There will also be a very special hunt taking place during out forest school session on Friday afternoon!!!

See you all tomorrow (don’t forget to come in your PE kits).

Mrs Hughes, Mrs Williams, Mrs Ashcroft and Mrs McCaffrey