Year 2: Weekly Overview

This week we have been working hard in maths. We have been trying to add 2-digit numbers together. The children have all given 100% to these tasks and we will continue with it next week to make sure we are all confident at tackling these questions. We have been busy on the iPads, we made our own minibeast animation on j2e. We have also been coding EaRL on a minibeast mat and writing down where they landed after being given instructions. In science, we have looked at The Life Cycle of a Butterfly and writing about the changes that happen.
Next week, we will be researching a minibeast and creating a fact file about them. We will be continuing with adding 2-digit numbers and in phonics we will be revisiting the ur sound. 
Please remember Muddy Monday and book bags.
Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Thomas and Mrs Williams