Year 2: Wednesday- Friday work

Hello again, Year 2! Here are some more activities to keep you busy:

You could have a go at the next page of your booklet- remember take it slowly. You could have a go in a tray with some flour to make it a bit different!

You could watch the clip on YouTube of Magic grandad and the great fire of London. You could also read this diary extract with your child and talk about what happened.

Pepys Diary Entry, September 2 1666
Some of our maids sitting up late last night to get things ready against our feast today, Jane called up about three in the morning, to tell us of a great fire they saw in the City. So I rose, and slipped on my night-gown and went to her window, and thought it to be on the back side of Mark Lane at the farthest; but, being unused to such fires as followed, I thought it far enough off, and so went to bed again, and to sleep. . . . By and by Jane comes and tells me that she hears that above 300 houses have been burned down tonight by the fire we saw, and that it is now burning down all Fish Street, by London Bridge.

Think about the part when the maid woke Samuel Pepys up. What would they have said to each other? How would they have said it?
You could take turns pretending to be Jane the maid and Samuel Pepys and act out this part.

In your busy book, draw Samuel Pepys and his maid. You could add the window with London on fire. Then, can you draw a speech bubble for each of them (or you could cut out separately from paper and stick on) and write at least two sentences in each speech bubble showing what they may have said to each other.
We do ‘Hot Seating’ in class- your child should be able to explain what this is. You could have a go at hot seating the maid and Samuel Pepys. One person sits on the ‘hot seat’ and the other asks questions. They have to answer in character.

Recap 2D shape names. Circle, triangle, rectangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon and semi circle. You could play ‘Guess the shape’, talking about how many sides and corners your shape has.
We have been finding out about regular (all sides same length) and irregular (sides not all the same length) pentagons/hexagons/octagons.
You could have a look around your home to see if you can spot any.
See the attached pages about 2D shapes. (Page 29/30 D1 ).
Page 29-copy each shape into your busy book and write the name underneath it.
Page 30- copy each shape (as best you can) into your busy book, write its name and how many corners it has. Remember to use a ruler to draw the shapes.

I have set them a shape sorting activity on ‘Abacus Active Learn’.
If you want more… They could then try the ‘Shape Patterns’ activity on Go to Maths Games, Shape then Shape Patterns.

Keep up the great work on Purple Mash and Hwb! We’ve seen some great pictures of the houses on fire in Pudding Lane and it’s lovely to see so many of you having a go at the phonics games.
Finally, and most importantly, don’t forget to give yourself some Golden Time on Friday afternoon for working so hard all week 🙂