Year 2: Weather reporters for the day

985F533D-ECC7-4CE4-971C-5BCCE9300EF1.jpe4534F4C9-8B2F-4FD9-A942-646A71FDDAE5.jpeCF7F65DB-B45A-4AD4-BE7C-6402BEDC4E70.jpe74213C74-AFA9-4825-84AB-A075F244B405.jpeA8DD9189-9DC2-43C5-93E6-EFD0C61A02BF.jpe44021F10-CCB1-45F7-BAE3-567555DB3557.jpeYear 2 have absolutely loved our weather theme this week. Today they have taken on the role of weather reporters. They used maps to identify locations in north, mid and South Wales. Then they use the iPads to add weather symbols onto a map of Wales in the correct location and wrote a weather report. Next week we are going to be presenting our reports to the class.