Year 2: Topic Launch

This morning we came to school and found a giant mess outside our Year 2 classroom. A little red and yellow car had crashed into our table and chairs. It knocked over our crates and our trellis. When we came outside we decided it was a crime scene because we found footprints! We put posters up asking for clues and we wrote down the details in a crime report. 
This afternoon we started to read The Wind in the Willows when suddenly everything started to make sense! From listening to the story we think Toad (and possibly Mole) have come and crashed the little red and yellow car. We checked the footprints out and they matched. We hunted for more clues and we found a little hole on the bank and it was suggested maybe Mole had dug a hole to create a tunnel back to Toad Hall! We think he took the car out of our shed because the padlock was open and we think we saw a key down the grid. We tried to listen carefully to see if he was still in the shed which might even be Toad Hall!  
We have had lots of fun investigating this mystery. There have been lots of questions and answers suggested by the children.