Year 2: The Week Ahead

Bore da, we hope that you all had a lovely weekend.  
We will be continuing with our topic of princesses and castles this week. 
You will be looking at the jobs that servants in castles did and ranking the characters from Cinderella depending on their characteristics. In science we will look more closely at glass and it’s properties and consider why it wasn’t the best material for Cinderella to have a slipped made from. You will also be recalling the names for parts of the body in Welsh and labelling Prince Charming. In maths you will be telling the time and adding three numbers together. 

In art you will be finishing you pictures based on Paul Klee’s Castle in the Sun. 

PE is today so remember to come in your kits. We will begin our Fresh Air Friday sessions again next Friday. 

Don’t forget your snacks and water bottles each day. Please also bring your reading books in today if you managed to read them over the weekend and they need changing. If you haven’t finished your books yet then please feel free to keep them for another week, I know that some of you have much longer reading books now and you may not have managed to read it all in a week. 
Mrs Hughes, Mrs Williams, Mrs Ashcroft and Mrs McCaffrey