Year 2: The Good Samaritan

Today we have been listening to the story of the Good Samaritan. Then we worked in groups using the Chrome Books to breathe a Jam Board of ideas to show how we could be a Good Samaritan at school and at home. Afterwards we shared our JamBoard with the class. 737D8F2D-34A1-4DA2-8DE2-B9DDA447EF0F.jpegC4E9D9C1-71D1-42C8-8609-759A1A184203.jpeg78118592-9BEE-4B0B-AD6B-1A952D5CFFBF.jpeg4054FAD4-46B6-48BE-A36C-238FC9E81C8D.jpeg1A5D3A22-0127-4CDB-B371-26A8F9AE2423.jpeg3B900138-008C-4EBD-87E6-B3F0397C5407.jpeg72CF24F9-49B5-4FDC-9965-8DDB8DB792FD.jpeg00282EF0-9825-4429-B4D0-C9D532D43574.jpeg