Year 2: shoe designing scientists

Today we have used our knowledge of materials and their properties to begin designing a more suitable shoe for Cinderella. 
First we came up with a design brief based on Cinderella’s current shoe. We then researched ideas on the internet and created a class mood board for ideas.
After that we discussed the different materials that had been used to make the different styles of shoes. We finished the afternoon by starting our initial designs. CD30732D-91EE-43F6-8584-752E694FC59F.jpeg37860F8D-4528-4327-A5DC-2C7AD3D9D5BD.jpeg7B750036-BA51-415F-994B-01D9CECAFC4A.jpeg04406BD9-611D-4AF7-BCA5-10EF929FC4FF.jpeg