Year 2: Overview

This week the children have been busy busy busy! In maths, we have been adding and subtracting multiples of 10 on a 100 square. The children have managed this really well and are getting more confident at it each time!
We have spent a lot of time learning about St Dwynwen’s Day. We made cards that we designed ourselves and we wrote about who/what we love.  In literacy, we have been busy planning our own space stories using our alien characters. We have lots of different exciting adventures happening!
We have programmed EaRL the robot to fly from Earth to rescue an astronaut and bring them back to Earth. There was lots of directional language being used and we managed to achieve the mission! 
Next week, we will be using our plans to write our own stories. We will be keeping an eye out for capital letters and full stops! We will be composing music for a rocket taking off and travelling through space. Also, we will be name and ordering the planets of the solar system. 
Remember Muddy Monday and book bags on Monday please.
Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Thomas and Mrs Williams