Year 2: our busy day

We have been super busy in Year 2 today. We started off the day by being Kangaroos. We had to jump across the playground in jumps of 2, 5 and 10. Then we learned all about glass. We learned how it is made and considered the properties of it. We also thought about why it wasn’t the best choice of material for Cinderella’s shoe. Finally we have been looking at different castles on the internet and trying to recreate them with the construction materials available inside and outside. 3A855439-63F1-41F1-A08F-9A48BE445177.jpeg24913650-84CB-414D-BCA3-78C3A046766C.jpegBC0D301D-A016-4E80-B7A3-201E260EB98F.jpegE256557F-05D7-40E7-A045-4482D53077EB.jpeg