Year 2: Muddy Monday Topic Launch

DFF5BCC8-1302-46D6-BE58-D09057867F7E.jpeg871E27A1-14A8-4341-AB45-F35A31E86A69.jpeg34589A6E-7566-4DC2-AEB9-507CAEBB7D60.jpeg0B87F53E-8638-4F1B-9716-F18E80F09165.jpeg81841BA2-5359-4206-861B-E81EFC538A50.jpegToday during Muddy Monday we found buried treasure! We found a smelly lump of cheese, an empty bottle of wine and some old burnt messages.
We think they may be linked to our new topic. We came back into class and created a list of questions for our new topic ‘The Great Fire of London’. As we learn about our new topic we will be able to answer these questions and hopefully we will find out why the cheese, wine and papers were buried too! 
#Ambitious, Capable Learners