Year 2: Muddy Monday

We started our Muddy Monday adventure by taking part in Astronaut training! We gave ourselves team names. We had Team Moon Drop, Team Meteor Shower,  The Astronaut Group, The Space Explorers and The Space Vaders. We had to practise our jogging, jumping on the spot, skipping ropes, hula hooping and hopping to make sure we were fit and healthy enough to go on our adventure! We even had to do these activities in our space boots.
After our training (which everyone passed) we were allowed to walk to the rocket to get ready to go and explore the Planet Mud. When we got up to Planet Mud we enjoyed digging for Moon Rocks and stones, visiting the Astronaut Bakery and we even had a chance to create a space astronaut movie! Some children even managed to go Planet hopping and visited other planets too! 
#Healthy, Confident Individuals
#Enterprising, Creative Contributors