Year 2: More work for this week

Maths  I have set a 2do activity on Purple Mash. Read the time on the clocks and then write something that you might be doing at that time.  There is also a new assignment set for you on Google Classroom. You can edit the sheet and return it to me to mark. For those of you unable to access Google Classroom I have attached a copy of the sheet to this email. Use the interactive clock tool linked in the last email to help you to answer the questions. 
Cinderella Have a look at the characters on the adjectives sheet attached. Draw the characters in your busy books and then describe them using as many adjectives as possible. Don’t write full sentences. Keep this work safe because you will need it later in the topic.
Remember an adjective is a describing word. 
Science Write a list of all of the materials that you can find in the Cinderella story. Can you name the item that is made out of the material? For example glass- slipper  wood-broom handle
There is a version of this activity set on google classroom if you would prefer to do it on there and then hand it in for marking. 
You could also go on a materials hunt around your house and garden. Find different materials and then name the object that is made out of them. Remember a material is something like glass, wood or concrete not a cat, dog or apple. 
Handwriting  Continue to practice the step 2 sheet for handwriting .
Golden time Friday afternoon in school is golden time so choose something that you would like to play with and have fun! If you want to take a picture and upload it onto J2E on Hwb for me to see then I’d love to see what you’ve been up to!  To upload to J2E- Open Jit5, select the black mix tab from the top, choose a writing and picture layout, select the green asterisk in the red circle, choose pictures and press the camera button to take a new photograph. 
Have a good end to the week and I will update you all again on Monday. Mrs Williams 

doc icon Cinderella-time-word-problems.docx
doc icon Describe-the-characters-adjectives.docx