Year 2: home learning update

Hello Year 2, 

Here is the rest of your work for this week. Remember that Friday is a bank holiday so I am not expecting you to do any work then.  

Numeracy( also available on Google Classroom) 

Complete the first 2 pages of the multiplication arrays. Page 3 is a challenge activity for you if you decide that you want more.  

Literacy (Also available on Google Classroom) 

Write a diary entry as Cinderella. You can either focus on when she is cleaning and the letter from the palace arrives OR do the day after the ball once she has met the prince. Do not try to tell the whole story as it happens over a few days.  

Remember to use the success criteria to make sure that you are including all that you need to.  

Success criteria- begin with Dear Diary, use time words, write in the past tense, include feelings and opinions, use adjectives to describe 


PHSE (also available on Google Classroom) 

Create a poster to help someone who is being bullied.  

Success criteria- eye catching title, bright and colourful, pictures, bossy words (take, get, ask), explain what bullying is, say where someone can get help 

Have a look at the example as an idea


Keep practising your handwriting. Can you put some of your phonics words into sentences?
Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. I will update you again on Monday. Mrs Williams 😍

pdf icon Multiplication-arrays-3.pdf