Year 2: home learning update

Research project (also available on Google Classroom) I would like you to spend this week focusing on a Welsh castle of your choice. Do lots of research on your chosen castle and then create a fact file or a leaflet all about it. Your factfile/leaflet must include: Heading, subheadings, pictures,  location, history of the castle, lots of interesting facts.
This task is very open ended, as long as you include plenty of detail, what you choose to include is down to you. You may choose to write about the family that used to live there. You may decide to include some information about battles that happened there.  This is a big task so please take your time and think about how you are going to do it. Please don’t try to do it all in one day. 
Art Have a look at the picture. It is by Paul Klee and it is called Castle in the Sun. Can you recreate this picture or a picture of a different castle using a variety of 2D shapes. If you want to you could have a go at doing this on the computer as well as drawing it then you could upload it to the stream on Google Classroom for us all to see. 

Numeracy Have a go at completing the matching multiplications and divisions. For this week I am not setting this task on Google Classroom. I would like you to do it on paper in your Busy Book. Copy the table for each question then fill it in with 2 multiplications and 2 divisions. Remember each answer should use the same 3 numbers, they will just be organised in a different way.

Wellbeing (on Google Classroom)  Lets all cheer each other up! On Google Classroom I have put a link to another Flipgrid. Have a look at the messages left by your friends and record one back. There is no set topic to talk about, just leave a nice message so that we can all see each other!
This is the link

Catching UP Check out this Flipgrid!

I will update you all again on Wednesday.  Mrs Williams