Year 2: Home learning update 3/6/20

Bore Da!
Da iawn to those of you who have completed the tasks from the beginning of the week. 
1) Continue to work on and complete your Cinderella story if you haven’t already. When it is finished have a read back through it and think of one way that you could improve it. Could you add in more descriptive words? Could you give a detailed description if a character? Is there a part that you don’t feel is your best? At the end of your story make the edit using a different coloured pen or font. Editing and improving your work is a really important skill to learn. It doesn’t mean that your work is wrong at all, there is always room for improvement though. 
2) Numeracy- you all seem to have remembered how to find fractions of shapes really well. Your next task is to find fractions of amounts. All of the work that we did on multiplication and division will really help you with this. 
If you need to find one quarter (1/4) of 12 then you would divide by 4. If you had to find 1/2 of 10 then you divide by 2. Always divide the biggest number by the number on the bottom of the fraction. Have a look at the PowerPoint and try to answer the questions as you go through it. 
Try to find the fractions of the amount of objects on the attached worksheet.
3) Go onto Hwb and open J2E, then choose the animation tab. Can you remember how to create an animation by drawing the same picture over and over with just a slight difference on each one? Try to create either a castle with a drawbridge that goes up and down or use the fairytale characters and make them move across the screen.
4) Forces Hunt- go for a hunt around your house and see if you can find examples of push and pull at work. Draw pictures or take photographs and label the pushes and pulls. 
Enjoy the rest of the week and have a lovely weekend, I will update you all again on Monday.
Mrs Williams