Year 2: home learning update

Hello Year 2, Thank you for the wonderful work that you have done at the start of this week. These are your tasks for the end of the week.
Phonics Practise the different ways of making the ee sound (ee, ea, ey) Make a table and organise as many words as you can in the table in the correct column e.g.
ee                  ea             ey  meet            tea            donkey
Use our phonics song and the resources on Google Classroom to help you to recap

Literacy (also available on Google Classroom) Have a go at writing what you think characters are saying or thinking inside speech bubbles. You can either print off the sheet and write inside them or draw your own speech bubbles in your busy book and write inside them.  
Numeracy (also available on Google Classroom) Division using arrays. Group the images in the pictures in equal amounts and then complete the division. 
Art Have a look at the attached picture of a castle and try to sketch it in your busy book. Think about how you can use shading to show shadows and texture. If you don’t want to use the attached one then you are more than welcome to find your own on the internet. 
Stay safe and have a lovely end to the week, Mrs Williams 

pdf icon speech_bubbles-Cinderella.pdf
pdf icon Division-with-arrays.pdf
pdf icon simple_division_questions.pdf
pdf icon castle-pic.pdf