Year 2: Home Learning Tasks – Mon 23rd to Wed 25th March

Year 2 Home Learning Tasks Monday 23rd March- Wednesday 25th March

Handwriting- have a go at the first 3 pages of the handwriting booklet. Try to form each of the letters as they are on the sheet. Copy them underneath and then use the lines on the opposite side of the page for more practice.

Use the website to practice the songs for the following sounds sh, ch, th (this), th (thick), ng, nk, ar, or, aw. Do this daily.
You will also find some phonics games on Purple Mash under the 2Do section. These ARE NOT compulsory but are there as an extra activity if you wish.

Literacy- Have a look at the Great Fire of London Talking Story set as a 2Do on Purple Mash. If you are unable to access the internet then any other child friendly version is fine.
In your busy books sequence the events of the Great Fire of London using time words (First, then, next, after that, finally). Begin with when the fire began on the 2nd September and end with when it had stopped burning in the early hours of the 6th September.
You know what your child’s ability is so encourage them to be as detailed as they possibly can be. This might be a variety of sentences for each event or a couple of shorter sentences for each day. It is important to encourage your child to do their best but don’t push them to do more than they are capable of.
Spread this activity out over a couple of days, don’t expect them to do in all in one go.

1)Complete the numeracy sheet for adding one more and one less and then 10 more and 10 less. It is page 67. I will attach a copy just in case.
You can complete the activity in the Busy Books OR on the sheet then stick it into the busy books.
2) Make a 2 digit number, count on in 10s for the next 5 numbers and record it as a sequence in your busy books e.g. 23, 33, 43, 53, 63 (make 8- 10 different sequences)
Can you count backwards in 10s for the next 5 numbers? 89, 79, 69, 59, 49
If you’re feeling brave try to do the same with numbers in the hundreds e.g. 123, 133, 143, 153, 163

Remember the Foundation Phase Curriculum is based around having access to a variety of activities such as construction, craft, small world play, role play and outdoor play. The children don’t sit for more than 40 minutes maximum completing focused tasks so please don’t expect them to do this at home. Thank you