Year 2: Home Learning- OVER TO YOU :)

Bore Da Year 2!
I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend and didn’t get too wet in rain that we had! 
Thank you so much to all of you that handed in work for us to see on Google Classroom last week.
I have noticed that the number of people accessing the learning on Google Classroom has really reduced over the past few weeks. I completely understand that this will be for a variety of reasons including parents having to work from home and parents returning to work or continuing to work as key workers. I know that a lot of parents are really worrying that they can’t spend as much time doing home learning with their children as they would like and I just want to reassure you that I am really grateful for any of the set tasks that you are able to support your child with. I really do understand just how challenging it is to work, look after younger siblings and try to complete school work along with everything else that life is throwing at us at the minute. 
I am also aware that a lot of children are now starting to find the whole ‘learning from home’ situation increasingly difficult.
So, I have come up with a plan to try and make learning from home more enjoyable and manageable for you and your families. I have attached a ‘learning menu’. There are a range of activities in each section all related to ‘Unusual Pets’. I would like every child in Year 2 to complete one task from each section throughout this week. I will not be uploading another task on Wednesday so please take your time. I appreciate that sharing equipment and having access to ICT resources is challenging when you have more than one school age child so please do feel free to complete the activities on paper if it is easier for you. 

If your child feels that they would like to then please do complete more that one activity from each section. The activities vary from those that require a lot of adult support to those that can be completed independently by the children. There is no new learning this week. Every task on the sheet is something that will have already been completed at some point this year. All I ask is that as an activity is completed it is uploaded to Google Classroom (even if it is just a photograph of work on paper) so that I can continue to see how the children are getting on and provide help and support if needed.
I really hope that by setting the work in this way it makes learning fun and exciting for the children again and that it takes some of the pressure off you as parents and carers.
Thank you so much for your continued support in these strange times and please do get in contact with me if you need me for anything! Have a wonderful week and enjoy the tasks!
Mrs Williams