Year 2: Home learning- Bright Lights, Big City!

Bore da pawb,
Your theme for this week is Bright Lights, Big City. It is all about the different cities in Wales, the UK and around the world. Because some of you are in school this week, the menu is going to run over 2 weeks, so you will all end up completing a minimum of 8 activities over the next 2 weeks. 
As always there are a huge amount of activities for you to choose from. Please make sure that you choose at least one activity from each area to complete per week and upload them to Google Classroom as you go. The one activity that I would like you ALL to complete this week is the page on odd and even numbers. Other than that the choice is yours!
Some activities have a challenge to go with them so make sure that you read the ‘menu’ carefully because you won’t be able to complete challenge activities unless you have completed the first activity. 
This is the maths page I would like you to complete: watch this cli and have a go at the game first.
Find out how to tell the difference between odd and even numbers and sort them accordingly using this Bitesize KS1 Maths Explainer.

This is the link to the Science clip that you will need
Purple Mash- I have added some extra, optional 2Do activities on Purple Mash for you tom complete. They are mainly spelling games and fractions activities to recap the work that we did on fractions in previous weeks. 
Hwb- There is a coding activity on Hwb for you to try. To access it either follow the link on Google Classroom or log onto Hwb, open Just2Easy, open my files,  shared files, Year 2 19-20, open Bright Lights! Big City! Make sure you save it before doing any editing please. 
Can you move the sprite from their house to a supermarket? Can you add another spite (character) and direct them around the scene?
Have a good start to the week, I am looking forward to seeing some of you later on in the week for a catch up. Those of you that aren’t coming in, make sure you look after yourselves and please do get in touch if you need me. 
Mrs Williams