Year 2: Home Learning 10th June

Bore da, 
I hope that you have all had a lovely start to the week! Here are you tasks for the end of the week.
1) Have another listen to the story ‘Mad about Minibeasts’ the link is on Monday’s  home learning update and on Google Classroom.
Choose a minibeast and try to write your own rhyme about it to go in the book. If you want to do more than one minibeast and rhyme then please do. Don’t forget to add a picture.
2) Interpreting block graphs
Have a look at the maths worksheet and try to answer the questions (also available on Google Classroom)
Make sure you do this before you create you own for task 3.

3) Go on a minibeast hunt around your garden or while you are out on a walk. Create a tally chart to show how many of each minibest you found. Then use your tally chart to create a bar graph. You can either do it on the squared paper in your pack or use J2E Chart on Hwb.
Then use your chart to answer the following questions;
Which was the most common minibeast?
Which was the least common minibeast?
4) Do some research in to the religion of Judaism. Find one interesting fact and add it to the comment on the stream on Google Classroom. Let’s see how many new things we can learn just from finding one fact. 
Have a lovely end to the week and I will update you all again on Monday!
Mrs Williams