Year 2: handwriting

Coming home in your children’s book bags today is a handwriting pack. There is a high frequency words handwriting booklet which the children can complete and there are an additional 5 pieces of handwriting paper for the children to continue to practise their handwriting on. Please make sure that your children are forming their letters as shown in the booklet, with a real focus on tall and long letters. Please also try to supervise your children while completing this activity to make sure that they are forming their letters correctly e.g. not starting from the middle of the line.

This activity does not need to be returned to school and it is something that can be completed slowly over the coming weeks. The children know from our handwriting lessons in school that it is better to work slowly and have a few words with all letters formed properly  instead of lines and lines of writing formed incorrectly.

If you need any further guidance on how to form the letters correctly please have a look at the images below.

Thank you for your ongoing support.