Year 2: Growth Mindset

Today we have reminded ourselves about the importance of a having a growth mindset.  
We started the day looking at our ethos ‘Learning and Growing with God by our Side’. We talked about what it means to us and how God helps us to grow our mind. 
This afternoon we have been making leaf imprints in clay. When they are dry we will paint them and have them as a constant reminder to have a growth mindset. 302FC3EF-869A-4026-A37A-3D3E2C64AEE5.jpeg28E254BB-F91D-4A7D-8C95-82AF27C901CD.jpeg342BD068-DD62-4BFD-90E9-9FE4882ADC3A.jpegD40B31CC-6190-4306-A9F8-F64E2A53445A.jpegECE88DCF-02F2-41AB-84D5-1039C3EA0284.jpeg