Year 2: Giving Activity

This week we are learning about King Charles and we have found out how he made a donation to foodbanks. Today we have been learning all about Food banks and how they help people. We have started to make posters to let people know what they do and how they help lots of different people. 
We have decided that we want to help people like King Charles did so we are collecting food for the Wrexham Food Bank. For the next two weeks, we will be welcoming donations of food that we can then give to the Wrexham foodbank to help people. All food donations are appreciated no matter how big or small as we want to help make a difference however we want to point out that it is not compulsory and we do not want to put families under any pressure to donate! 
For a list of what types of food the foodbanks are looking for please follow the link below or search for Wrexham Foodbanks on Google. 
Donate food
Thank you!